Work in Telesales and looking for Career Opportunities?

Career Move: Telesales to Recruiter

Working in Telesales and looking for a career change - you’ve come to the right place! Currently working as a TeleSalesperson, unhappy in your role, and want to know where your sales experience could take you? 

You might have never even thought about a career in recruitment… but what if we told you that you could use all of your current skills and work experience to build a successful career, and ultimately make more money!   

Good news - you don’t need a recruitment background. You don’t need specific industry knowledge. You just need drive, determination, social skills… and a few other key traits. If you’re the right culture fit, you could go far! Read on to get a clear picture of how your transferable skills could translate to a recruitment role... 

What is it about recruitment?

The transition into recruitment from any sales role can take your career to the next level! Even in the training phase of being a recruitment consultant, you will recognise the potential of this business… and how far your career path in recruitment could take you!  

Recruitment VS Telesales

Working in Telesales consists of long hours, being constantly on the phone, working weekends sometimes, working bank holidays…  

Working in Recruitment is a lot of the same! But, let me be direct… it may be the same, but you will definitely earn a lot more money in recruitment. You get out of this job what you put in! If you have the drive and the passion for people, and are not shy of hard work - this could be the perfect industry for you! Possibilities with us are endless…  

What are the key benefits?  

  • High-Earning Potential  
  • Unlimited Progression  
  • Career Development Plan 
  • Ability To Reach Director Status in 2-5 years  
  • Wellness benefits… 

Read more about the benefits of recruitment here...

Working in Telesales, you thrive in a customer-driven, sales environment. Every day is different, but with a constant focus to increase sales. But what are your career goals in telesales? You’re here for a reason, you want more in life, and you want to create your dream life!  

How Can My TeleSales Skills Transfer to Recruitment? 

If transferred successfully, your skills developed in real estate can result in high earnings! Some recruitment skills are honed over time, but starting off on the right foot is key… and that’s easier when your skills are transferable! 

Key transferable Telesales skills:

  • Customer focused: Your job revolves around people - you are talking to people all day, building relationships and selling. Your communication skills are key to this role. Excellent customer service is part of your job, creating a level of trust with customers and being informative.  
  • Selling skills: You’re used to persuasive communication, selling products constantly over the phone. Learning the products you are selling, using creativity to sell, and ensuring you are passionate in order to convince the customers.  
  • Competitiveness: You have monthly and quarterly targets that you have to meet, and being constantly focused on goals, you will be driven to out-work everyone else. You’ll be a self-starter, able to motivate yourself and be opportunistic in most circumstances.  
  • Conflict resolution: Having a desire to solve problems, finding new ways to satisfy your customers needs - working around their complaints. Going out of your way to understand their needs, and communicating your solution - encouraging them to buy into what you’re selling.  
  • Organisation: You will be used to having a well-organised day, as a crucial part of your process is being organised and on top of everything. Managing your time, creating a productive workspace and prioritising calls and tasks.  
  • Resilience: You’re used to rejection, and dealing with people who don’t necessarily want to talk to you. Keeping your cool, and not letting the negatives get to you - building your resilience every day!...Should we go on? 

Start your pathway to recruitment now! 

You could be the trainee recruitment consultant that we’re looking for! Recruitment is a natural career pathway from working as a Telesales person.  

Start your career path with us now… Interested? Find articles below that will give you every piece of information you could ever want about recruitment life & more about us here at AMA Group!  

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